The WACTC Regional Career Center delivers Options for College, Rewarding Careers, with Real World Skills while providing a high school experience that provides more value. The center's programs allow students to explore a range of options for their future. WACTC students can start their path toward a career that they are passionate about while earning valuable experiences, college credits and more. 
     The center is host for 1 of the 5 regional P-TECH programs established by the state that provides college credits up to an Associates degree in the field of computer science.  The Center's students are provided with opportunities beyond the classroom with internships and networking opportunities with real world industry and corporate partners. The center & newly renovated technical labs are equipped with the latest state of the art equipment approved by industry/business partners. 
     The WACTC  simulates real work environments while providing its students the opportunity to earn college credits and industry recognized certifications. Their programs feature college & career readiness opportunities including shadowing, internships, placement, and co-op.